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Our first experience of Beijing....

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So today's our first day taking in the sights of Beijing. First stop would be Tiananamen square and the forbidden city. The early start was a tough one to stomach as the jet lag and bad nights sleep had taken its toll, but with a good omelette breakfast at the hostel we both were ready to get snap happy! And boy did we!!

Seeing Tiananamen Square for the first time we were both shocked at the size. We were told it was the largest square in the world and it really is! Surrounded by important buildings, which in true Beijing fashion were massive, and in the central point was the building that housed Chairman Mao the leader who created the Republic of China that is here today.

We strolled around walking passed the original entrance to the Forbidden City before it was opened to the public and after we came to the centre of the square which had a monument to the Chinese people who had fallen at the hands of the Japanese invasion years ago. (See pictures below)


Sarah and me standing in front of Original entrance to Forbidden City


Monument to Chinese people who had fallen to Japanese invasion.

We carried walking around and our guide told us the school children are given a great honour by allowing them to stand in line in front of the monument, which I thought really showed the difference between our culture and theirs as respect is ingrained at an early age (which wouldn't go a miss back home).

We also met a funny old dude who took fancy to us all, he was clearly a few cakes short of a picnic! We humoured him for a bit but it did become a nuisance, Sam who was in our group made the attempt to send him walking but only made a friend


We had just got to Beijing after the 7 day national holiday and so there were many people still hanging around and also their was a lot of decoration including the biggest bouquet that you will ever see!


We made our way through the the Forbidden City and the sheer size was enough to take your breath away, it just went on and on for ever. To save me going on forever too I have just put together a collage of the best photos for you to see.


After visiting the Forbidden City we took a trip to the Temple of Heaven which was built for the Emperor to allow him to worship. It was another big open space with similar decoration that we found at the Forbidden City.


And despite all being completely shattered we agreed to go see an acrobatic show which included guys flinging themselves across poles and girls stacking themselves in a diamond on a moving bicycle! All very impressive but when you are sleep deprived it is a little disorientating.

Tomorrow we tackle the Great Wall. Tune in for more tales..............

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....Ni Hao!!!

18 °C
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Can't believe the trip is about to begin. Oddly before getting to Heathrow I had experienced a sort of butterflies in the stomach which I can only put down to the buzz and anticipation of taking on this mammoth trip. It was all easily reversed knowing that I was going to be reunited with Sarah. Before making our way to the airport I was able to have a good time with Mum before I left and it was really nice to be able to say goodbye at the gate before I left.

The trip from London Heathrow to Beijing was so easy. Would recommend Cathay Pacific having used their economy class. I even got a touch of luck when during my transfer flight I was asked if I could swap seats which ended up benefiting me because I had more leg room to sleep. Although I think I might of scarred the passenger next to me because during my sleep I fiercely kicked my leg out . Don't ask me what I was dreaming, maybe I was in a Kung fu film! ... To be honest since taking the malaria tablets my dreams have been far more intense than before.. (Which isn't the norm)

I stopped off at Hong Kong airport for my transfer and it was a beautiful scorching day and although I was in an air conditioned airport I was still excited that I would be travelling back through this ideally situated city where the natural and urban landscape have grown to compliment each other ( and that was only from looking out of the airport window!)

Getting to Beijing and casually walked towards customs and was impressed with the roof of the building, impressive to say the least. As I waited for my luggage I was getting more excited knowing that Sarah was only a half hour behind.

Then .....Disaster......our guide was not at the arrivals. Cue me under my breath cursing and panicking slightly that we would have to navigate to Beijing city centre.... I thought for a sec and then realised this is what it's all about let's just meet up with Sarah and deal with it then.

So standing by the arrivals I waited. I stood next to an airport official who took upon himself to start talking to me about how to say Good morning in English and Chinese which I humoured for a bit although I was shattered and it was not easy to feign interest. He then started chucking in football and Didier Drogba playing for Shanghai . It was time to move on... Luckily I did because I spotted a young guy with mine and Sarah's names written in big bold letters. ...cue my sigh of relief.

The young guy was our guide and his name was Jason (named by his English teacher I would later find out) and I was impressed by his fluency in English and we waited for Sarah whilst chatting about what the plans were. It wasn't long before Sarah strolled into view, and from then on I was just smiling all the way to the hostel.


The next day we slept till midday., got up , went for a walk , ate and met up with our group who were all really nice and friendly and we conversed about each others travel plans and backgrounds before heading to bed for what was going to be our first real experience of China..... Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City....Crazy!!

Check in soon for more tales....


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