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September 2013

Vic Night Market

Every Wednesday eve in August the Luna 1878 Winter Night Market was held at Queen Victoria Market, and somehow we almost missed it! We were totally unaware it had been going on until I got a text from Ria if anyone wanted to check out the last one after work! Weirdly at the same time Dan got invited by his work mates to go too. Everyone clearly wanted to make the most it before it disappears until the summer.


As you approach the market you can smell all the amazing food that is being cooked at the various hawker stalls. We definitely were going to be in for a treat.


We started the almost impossible task of trying to decide which stall to get food from. With dishes from all over the world from Poland to the Phillipines we took our time walking up and down to check out what was on offer.


This is what us girls went for and I think Dan and his work mates ending up going for Philly cheese hot dogs!


It seemed we had managed to time it just right as soon we enough there were large queues everywhere for most of the food stalls. One of the most popular was a stall that was selling soup in bowls made of bread with a bread lid! Would have liked to have tried it but literally the queue went from one side of the market to the other and given that this is apparently the largest open air market in the Southern Hemisphere you can imagine that's a looooooonnnnng line!

We wondered around the market checking out the different wares on offer from jewellery with real plants growing inside them to these amazing puppets.


We also got swept up in the crowd following a drum procession. Such a feel good place.


As the queues for drinks in the market were so long and we wouldn't have space in our backpacks for a puppet anyway we decided to move away from temptation to a local bar for a catch up over some drinks and a Kinetic reunion before a walk home through the city :)


Looking forward to Summer night markets, but still can't get my head around the fact that summer here is November! Weird!


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More Melbourne!

Melbourne's narrow lane ways are full of quirky cool places to have a bite or sip a coffee whilst watching the world go by. Famous Degraves street is normally one of the first places people go in Melbourne to take in this cafe culture. However some how in 3 months, we hadn't! This needed to be rectified ASAP so one Sunday (when fortunately it wasn't raining) we decided to check it out.


Luckily we managed to nab one of the few available tables outside a gourmet burger joint and tucked into some tasty times.


Degraves street was ticked off the list!

Needing to walk off some of that grub we decided to continue exploring the lane ways and then head up to the State Library.


Unknown to us that day a big protest was being held in the city about the refugee situation. The use of detention centres to hold refugees whilst they are being processed, which can take years, is a big issue in Australia and the new law introduced where so called 'boat people' are now being turned away and redirected to PNG has divided opinion.


The Victoria State library is an impressive building.


I think that if my library at uni had had anything like the La Trobe reading room then I definitely would have got a first. How could you not want to study here!


We were hungry again but this time were on the hunt for cake! We found ourselves in Hardware Lane and stumbled across a place called The Larder Section.

This is their Italian chocolate cake, and oh my god it is hands down the best chocolate cake EVER well worth the $9.50. The price tag also meant we shared one and didn't have enough for another. Saving our waistlines and our wallets. I definitely want to come back for another slice before we leave this city!




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Oreo's and King's


We awoke to a ripper of a morning sun with spirits high knowing we had a fun filled day ahead full of fancy dress and merriment.


It was such good weather that the rooftop of a car park over the road was being used for photo-shoots.


This weekend we would be participating in a fancy dress charity fundraiser quiz for one of our friends Sheree. We would also be attending a Medieval themed party later in the evening in aid of winter ending which Ria and her housemates were setting up.

Broomy, Sarah and I were excited when the ‘Winter is coming’ words of House Stark from the Game of Thrones series appeared on the Facebook invite for the Medieval party and equally excited with the choice of theme as it gave us a chance to live out the TV series that has been occupying our evenings for the last few weeks!


The charity event also had a theme of anything beginning with F, O or K, as it was to help raise money for Friends of Korogwe Inc which is a charity founded by Sheree Lette and Kate Rengey in 2012, to provide monetary and social support to orphaned and disadvantaged children. You can find out more here http://goo.gl/5vHuqd

After much debate we decided on Oreo cookie’s.


Sarah, Mel and I took upon ourselves to get stuck in and help prepare costumes for the quiz team. Luckily we found some large pieces of cardboard in the recycling area of our building that would be perfect for Oreo shaped cut outs. All we would need is some paint, stencils, string and in no time we would have a perfect costume. So for all you fancy dress fans here’s a cheap and easy costume to make, all you need is a white top which acts as the soft middle bit of the cookie.

We popped round to Mel’s early in the week and managed to make enough cut outs for 7 people in a couple of hours. Boom!

Obviously there had to be some prior research performed....I dutifully took this role..


The quiz team would be congregating at our flat for some pre-drinks and to get kitted up in our costumes. Katherine (‘Toots’), Robyn, Mel, Andy , Broomy, Sarah and I were well oiled before getting our Taxi to the quiz which would start late afternoon.


The taxi ride over was a real hoot and we joked around as we made our way to the venue.


On arrival one guy thought he was hilarious to shout out from his car "Wheres the milk?" , which to be fair was a good one the first time you hear it but then he proceeded to say it to each of us when we walked past. You know he is in a pub somewhere saying to a mate "you'll never guess what I said to a bunch of people dressed up as Oreos?".

We were quite surprised to be the first team there and after finding our table we headed to... you’ve guessed it...The Bar!!!


The Oreo costumes were turning heads as the other teams arrived and we were also impressed by some of the other attempts. There was the French team, the cast of Friends and even our hosts were dressed as Forks!


Sheree’s fiancé Henry, stole the show though as a pink fairy.


After we chatted about costumes and nonsense it was game on! But we were even more oiled by this point.


The small town of Korogwe, in the Tanga region on the East coast of Tanzania was where Sheree and Kate initially focused there fundraising and therefore some of the questions we would be getting would have a Tanzania theme. Luckily for us, Sarah had studied the Facebook page and we assigned the answers and clues given to all contestants so that we had those questions covered. Did it help?

Well.........in a word no.... we got all the answers that Sarah prepared right but sadly not all of the rest. The good news though was that we didn’t come last either!!

We almost won the limbo round when Toots got to the last two but was beaten by an astounding flexible tall guy, dressed up as Joey from Friends.


Broomy had a chance to get some points back with the paper aeroplane round...


But even his cardboard flapping didn’t help the trajectory of his plane.


The judges were devastating with their scoring....Nil Pois!


However, we did receive best dressed team which let’s be honest has to be the most important award!



There was another best dressed individual award which went to a girl who did a very funny and convincing French accent whilst dressed as your stereotypical Frenchmen, beret and all, answering questions with a “Oui Oui” and a non fussed “ en baguette".


After the quiz the silent auction was announced and Broomy had cleaned up, taking a West Coast Eagles footy ball and a couple of vouchers for Bowling and a drive in cinema night. But he was beaten for generosity as one fella bid over $250 for a restaurant deal!


Once all the prizes had been handed out it was time for one last group shot, and it was only 9pm at this point!


Thanks to Sheree and Katy for putting on a great night and I hope all our merriment helped with your fundraising.

As we left the venue we were getting revved up for round 2 singing OREO! OREO! OREO! songs out in the streets, which must of been a funny sight for the passer by. We said goodbyes to the girls and Broomy, Andy, Sarah and I got ready for the Medievel party.

Credit to Sarah as without her skills as a costume designer we wouldn't have pics like these!


Safe to say it was a messy night for all involved and the Sunday was a write off! The hang over was worth it though :)

Stay tuned for more tales.


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