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Back in KL

Somehow despite all the downtime we d had recently we still hadn't really planned what we were going to do in Indonesia. Where would we start, where would we go, and we needed to go there soon to make the most of our 60 day visa before popping to Singapore and ending up in Australia in June. To be fair this wasn't helped by the fact that when we arrived on Perhentian Kecil an owner of one of the bungalows I checked out told me that there was no Internet on the whole island as someone had stolen all the cable, so we relaxed easily without the constant draw to the Internet and outside world, only to discover the day before we left that the Internet was working on the otherside of the island!!


Having decided that we needed to head back to KL to sort out what we were going to do next, this discovery of internet was a godsend as we were concerned about availability of accomodation as the Malaysian Grand Prix was happening that weekend when we would be there. Having stayed in Chow Kit last time we wanted to be a bit more central and found a good deal at Victory 2 hotel in Imbi area, walking distance from the hustle and bustle of Bukit Bintang.

Back in the city we jumped on the LRT to get to the Imbi area and on realising that we didn't know which way we would need to walk to get to the hotel we opted for a taxi...turns out he wasn't too clued up either, despite using his sat nav. After pulling over and asking a few people I suddenly spotted the hotel to my right as we were turning left! Thankfully I d seen a photo of the signage online otherwise I wouldn't have noticed it and we would probably still be going round in circles!

Now we learnt a long time ago to take trip advisor with a pinch of salt and this is another example where we had low expectations due to other people's comments and so were pleasantly surprised when our room was a decent size, nicely decorated, TV, aircon etc. Maybe we were lucky and got one of the better rooms, maybe we have stayed in some really basic places so anything that's clean is luxury, but seriously sometimes I am amazed at what people complain about! Also another bonus was that there was a dominoes pizza right opposite...


...I mean it would've been rude not to!

Most of our time was spent researching what we wanted to do and what we could fit in with the time and budget we had left taking into consideration we would need some funds in the bank to set us up in Australia whilst we find work! Still can't believe that now that seems only around the corner rather than on the other side of the world!

Our initial plan was to try and fit in Sumatra, Java, Bali, Sulawesi, Lombok, Gilli Islands, Komodo & Flores in 2 months. Looking into it though we felt this would be rushing through rather than really seeing anywhere properly so we decided to cut it down a bit. We already knew that we wanted to go to Ubud in Bali to try yoga after a recommendation from Ines, diving was going to be another big factor but being expensive we needed to narrow down the dive sites, and we also felt we wanted to do some kind of volunteering a be part of a place for a while rather than just go from one landmark to the next.

So a rough plan soon developed start off in Bali for yoga, beach time and check out the liberty wreck dive site, go to Lombok & Gilli islands for some more diving and then continue heading east to Flores for some liveaboard diving in Komodo marine park and to also spot some Komodo dragons! We were struggling to find volunteer projects online that weren't going to cost hundreds of pounds to be part off which was really frustrating as we have the time to help but not the budget, we would just have to keep an eye out for things as we went along.

We decided it would be fun to find a bar to watch the Grand Prix and soak up some of the atmosphere. We had debated actually going to watch from the stands but tickets were more than we wanted to spend and its also located out of town by the airport and we d heard transport particularly getting back into town could be a bit of a nightmare.


Unfortunately we got the timing a bit wrong and as we sat down to order a drink we heard "......has crossed the finish line and won the Malaysian Grand Prix..." Woops! To be fair there wasn't much of an atmosphere that we missed but I guess its not the same as watching a big football/rugby match.

We also needed to do some shopping and took advantage of the shopping malls with aircon. After 7 months traveling some of our clothes were a bit threadbare and also for me after being ill no longer fitted! If you wanna lose weight ladies just lug a backpack around for months on end, get several travel bugs and climb the odd mountain!


The mall also sheltered us from the rain as it was tipping down. We had some of the largest thunderstorms I ve experienced whilst in KL and the thunder was so loud with the sound getting amplified bouncing off all the buildings. You could almost feel it going through you! It was almost guaranteed that by 4pm everyday the sky would turn dark and the heavens would open.


When I found this it gave me a great idea that when we get married we both should change our name so we could be the 'Cool'bergs :)


After our Grand Prix fail we had more luck finding a bar to watch the rugby, Harlequins vs Saracens. With Dan being a Harlequins fan, he took it quite seriously...


Whilst watching the game Dan shouted out, "There's Jen" and there was her face on the TV. For those who don't know Jen she's a physio for Saracens and one of my dearest friends, so it was great to see her face on the TV and I paid more attention to the game after that. Jumping up and shouting "Jen" anytime the camera passed her, I think other people in the bar thought I was a bit mental.

With Easter just around the corner we started thinking about Easter Eggs and chocolate. Finding decent chocolate in Malaysia is a bit difficult and even when you do it has probably melted and reset so many times that it tastes yuk and you feel cheated. So you can imagine how excited we were when we found some cadburys creme eggs!! Yum yum!


Thanks KL you made our day! I wonder what gems we ll find in Indonesia....


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