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Bungy madness

On our way to Queenstown we would be stopping off at the original bungy jump Kawarau bridge that the madmen AJ Hackett and Henry van Asch first jumped off in 1988 and sparked a craze that has seen millions of people choose to throw themselves off things.


Before we got to the bridge I had said to myself and other people that I wasn't interested. I was more into skydiving and didn't really think I would do a bungy but with all the missed opportunities I was secretly thinking I need to do some adrenaline fuelled activity.

Two people on our bus, Dan and Anna from Sweden had put their hands up to do the jump and the rest of the bus would get to watch them. We all got shown a promotion video which informed you about the history of the Bungy (inspired by the coming of age ritual in Tahiti where men tie vines to their legs and thrown themselves off a platform) and some of the jumps that AJ Hackett did to promote the bungy were insane. He bungy'ed off the sky tower in a Auckland, 192m!! Insane! Anyways a I was getting a tiny buzz inside and thought, I got to do it...I mean its the adventure capital of the world!

So I signed up.....I know what your thinking...he must be mad too....


Perhaps I am!

And in a flash I was up on the bridge waiting behind Dan and Anna. After hearing Anna scream her way down I got tied up.

The guys who tie you up are your typical kiwi lads and as they set me up with gear and the guy goes to me, 'you wanna get wet, bro?' to which I replied 'uhhhh' and that was enough for him to say 'yep, you're going in'. I hadn't thought about it as the decision to jump was spontaneous so I thought just go with it.

Then one of the guys goes ' so mate, we just want a casual one here' , and I had to ask ' eh, what is casual?' ...to be honest the kiwi accent wasn't helping but I got the gist. Basically in order to get in the water you don't want to leap out as most do from the plank because the bungy cord extends to much and you get pulled back sooner. But even with that in my head I was a little confused to the point where when the countdown came I sort of hesitantly jumped and paused at the same time.

It didn't matter because the jump was awesome, and it was surreal at one point because it didn't feel like I was falling for a split second, then gravity kicked in and it was like, 'shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit! EPIC!!


And half my body got dunked into the river, which later Sarah told me was well received by the crowd as they hadn't seen a water jump.


I ran up to collect my photos and see Sarah's video. (Will follow shortly, upload issues)


It was one of the best things I've done!!


Stay tuned for more tales.


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