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X'ian nights

Warning: photos of acupuncture and cupping

Whilst staying in the apartment in X'ian we had some activities planned for us to keep us entertained in the evening...

Dumpling making...

We got to impress Peter with our Dumpling making skills we had already picked up in Beijing. He helped to hone our skills with different folding techniques and I think we are getting the hang of it now...


And they're tasty too!

Acupuncture and cupping

One evening a Chinese specialist in acupuncture, cupping and massage came to the flat to let us try out these treatments for ourselves.
There was definitely a tense vibe in the flat and the smell of fear as the instruments were being taken out that looked more like they would be used for torture!

We all nervously looked at each other and wondered who would go first and politely saying 'after you' to avoid being stuck with needles but Dan stepped forward and bravely showed us how it was done by having not 1 but 4 needles put in his knee! As everyone squealed each time a needle went in and got twisted Dan remained very calm...


One by one the group lined up and had needles put in energy points on the arm, leg or hand. Some felt relaxed whereas others were not.


The next treatment was cupping where a flame is put into a glass cup to create a vacuum before being place on the skin. The idea is that the vacuum helps to draw out the bad toxins in the body. Again Dan offered himself up as the first guinea pig, but we were not fully prepared for just how much of the skin it sucked up into the cup and I don't think our gasps help the situation!


Jude and Sam also bravely tried the cups despite the odd look on Dans face. It apparently feels like someone squeezing or pinching your skin really hard. You are left with large circular bruises afterwards and the darker the circle indicates a problem in the body and that you need some more cupping treatments to help draw the problems out of the body.


I'm a bit dubious about this as I bruise like a peach and so think it may be a bit of a ploy for getting return customers...but I may be wrong as I was too chicken to give the cups or the acupuncture a go!!

Instead I opted for a nice relaxing shoulder massage.......or so I thought! I have never been more pummelled in my life. He really found the problem areas in my back and did not shy away from trying to work them out hard which was quite painful at times. I started to relax as he gently started massaging my neck and moving my head from side to side which was quite nice until....CRACK!!!! I d never had my neck cracked before and the noise was loud in comparison to the stunned silence of the group who also weren't expecting that to happen. It was a bit hard to relax for the other side to be done! What made it worse was the guy seemed to take great pleasure in making us nervous lol!


When Dan had his done the guy properly cracked his whole back by pulling his arms back, Peter thought he would try this technique on Ronny but he chickened out in the end.


Panda party

Who says you only turn 28 once! In China I was to have two birthdays as the guys had planned to have a celebration a couple of nights early in X'ian as we were going to go out to bar street that evening and we had the flat too.

They surprised me with an awesome Panda birthday cake and a Panda outfit which yes I had to wear out all evening in the bars of X'ian!!


It was a fun night and when my Long Island ice tea arrived I felt like a hobbit as wasn't just a large one...it was a pint!! And v strong!


Thanks everyone for a great pre-birthday :)


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