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Auckland cont...

We were met by our guide Anna outside of YHA and joined 11 others on the bus and set off on our day of free fun. First stop was meant to be the Sky Tower but we couldn't find a park. It is here that you can do the Sky Walk around the top or do the Sky Jump where you throw yourself off the 192m high tower! We didn't have the budget to do these but some of the girls booked themselves on to do it later that afternoon.

We headed on and drove to Devonport! We hadn't realised we would be coming here again but we didn't mind as this time we drove over the Auckland .bridge to get there. Similar in design to Sydney harbour bridge but much smaller the interesting thing about this bridge is that as the population of Auckland grew they had to add additional lanes to the bridge which were 'clipped' on to the side, so heavy vehicles shouldn't use these lanes just incase! You can also do a 40m bungy of the bridge but none of the group were interested in this despite Annas best efforts to sell it in.

At Devonport we went to a different area called North Head where there are more tunnels, disappearing guns and stunning views over the city. Whilst taking in the views and Devonport Anna told us about the earthquakes in Christchurch that happened in 2011. She had just moved to the area and was there when it happened. We didn't know much about it and so were shocked to hear that the city was still struggling to recover from it several years later. A lot of the buildings had collapsed as they had not been built to withstand earthquakes and people moved out of the city, many to Auckland to start a new life. We would be finishing our NZ trip in Christchurch so it will be interesting to go there to see for ourselves.


The group had all started to get to know each other, where people had come from and where they were going next. Most of them would be on the bus with us the next day which was great. Before lunch we played a game of heads or tails for the opportunity to win a Sky Jump...


...and of course who should win it but DAN! :)


So it was in good spirits that we went to the pub for some beer tasting and steak and chips!


After lunch we headed back to the Auckland Bridge but this time we would be getting a closer look. Wearing hard hats and a harness we walked underneath the bridge to the viewing platform where we watch people braver then ourselves leap off the bridge and plummet to the river below. Their scared cries quickly turned to excited whooping as we all cheered them on.


Our afternoon as a group was coming to an end and so Anna dropped us off at the Sky Tower so the jumpers could take their positions. Dan would be jumping alongside Louise and Grace and we all had a giggle as they into their super hero outfits! As they headed off to the lifts Nicola, Eleni and I headed to the drop zone at the bottom of the tower.


From here we craned out necks to try to see when they would be coming out at the top. It was so high, more than 5 times the height of the bungy platform. There was one jumper from the previous group who still needed to go and we were given the count down and quickly a spec at the top came hurtling down to the ground. It was over in seconds but looked like great fun. It's probably at this point I should clarify that the jumper is attached to a harness which regulates the speed of the fall!


The girls made their jumps like pros and then it was Dans turn! He screamed like a girl..... Only joking! He was a pro too! We do have a video but can't upload it at the moment so you ll just have to believe me :)

What a day!


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