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Making it to Perth!!

Waking up the next morning we were feeling pretty good despite having had a few drinks the day before. We were a little sad that it was our last day of our epic roadtrip across the country but also looking forward to getting to Perth and the prospect of a proper bed. We had to get the van back into central Perth by 1pm so it was an early start as we needed to cover the 3 hours it would take. The roadtrip wasn't eventful apart from deciding to stop off and use up our spare petrol we had kept for emergencies, and then almost running out of petrol. Woops!


It was great to be seeing signs for Perth, the end was in sight.


The plan was to meet up with my aunt before dropping the car off as she had graciously offered to take us in for that weekend. Before we went to Carols's place we stopped off at a car wash to see if we could get all the bugs off! It didn't completely work and so we had to use some extra buckets of water and some elbow grease. I hadn't seen Carol for a long time, not since I was about 8 and so it was a quite funny as she hadn't seen me as a grown up and so we weren't really sure what each other looked like. We had a quick catch up but she was aware of our deadline and so helped Sarah and I get the van cleaned up by pulling out the vacuum and water bucket for us to use.


With the car fixed up we drove into the city centre with Carol and dropped the van off with an hour to spare.



With a quick handover of keys it was all done, they didn't even check the cleaning so we probably could have left the bugs on. I definately would recommend the relocation rental if you are trying to save a bit. It was the perfect way for us to have this adventure. Moving on Carol suggested that we do some Perth sights and so she took us to Kings Park. The park was really nice and is one of the largest inner city parks in the world and it showed off the city really well with panoramic views of river.


Life looks pretty sweet when you can jet ski from your home.


We had a good catch up with Carol as she needed to fill me in on her daughters, my cousins, Sarah and Emma who I hadn't seen since I was 8. It was nice to hear about theirs lives and how they enjoyed living here in Perth. We set up for a picnic lunch and continued to catch up about our trip.


In the grounds of the park there was some interesting trees that Carol thought we might like to see so we walked around the grounds to go see them. They were called Boabs tree and were distinctly different from the rest of the foliage around. They had been brought down from the North West of Australia in the Kimberly region. These trees have relatives found in Africa and Madagascar and so are relics of a time when the continents were together.


There was a incredibly large Boab tree that the parks had moved from the Kimberly region to preserve it as it was situated within a mining project. Being sacred to the indigenous people a ceremony was conducted to appease the spirits. Taking 6 days to move the 750 year old tree was an amazing feat especially as they covered almost the same distance as we did for Melbourne about 3200km.

Carol pointed out to us the lemon scented gum trees which have a great fragrance.


We were starting to get a picture of the type of lifestyle that this city can offer.


After the park we headed back home to relax as later that day we would be going out to Fremantle to try some fish and chips. Carol told us that you had to have an opinion on what place was better, either Cicerellos or Kailis. When we later posted on Facebook we were going it sparked a bit of talking point amongst friends from Perth.


We went to Cicerellos because that was Carol and her families favourite place. We thought it was pretty good grub and after we had our full we went off to a famous brewery called Little Creatures that has a bar and enjoyed a cold glass although I tried their pear cider and it was awful.


It had been a long day and so we were certainly ready to hit the hay.

The next day we leisurely woke up and planned to go for a walk with Carol along the river that went through her neighbourhood. It was a nice walk as the sun was out and beating down. Along the river there was wildlife to be heard and seen, one of which being the black swam which Carol told us was the symbol for Western Australia.


As we walked along the riverside we got to see the differences houses that have been built over the years and some of them were pretty amazing. You would have large mansion style houses next to the single storey older style and it won't be long before these lots are brought up and developed into more luxury houses with river views.


With people kayaking close by and enjoying a run or a walk I could see why Perth is an attractive place to raise a family. Our walk took us to the local cafe where we enjoyed some lunch and a coffee.

We didn't have much planned as we were recovering from our long trip and so after walking back we hung out until needing to leave to met up with Sarah and Emma for dinner. The place they took us too was very nice, right by the riverside in east Perth at a place called The Royal. We got a chance to exchange stories and catch up and it was just a shame that both of them were planning trips away to the UK and France whilst we spent our time here so we wouldn't be able to see them again.


It was nice to rekindle the family tie.


A big thank you to Carol for giving us a bed and providing us with a tour of Perth.


Stay tuned for more tales


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