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Last days in Lombok


With our main activities in the bag we slowed down a bit for our final days in Lombok.

Dan and Ro went back to Gurupuk to catch some waves. I wasn't confident to give it ago on my own without an instructor and didnt have budget for another lesson. I think I made a good decision as the waves were larger than the day before. Easily 6ft, Dan gave it a good try but couldn't get as many times as the day before but Ro was flying....

In the afternoon we hopped back on the bikes to see if we could go further west than the other day.


It took all my efforts not to take photos of all the beautiful views we were passing through again


We thought we would end up at another beach but the road turned inland through more villages agricultural land. We had to dodge a few more buffalo and also a few runners (this is one of the first places we had been in a long time where you saw local people running for exercise).


However no beach materialised and as we passed a cross roads we stopped to ask group of lads hanging out on their bikes by the road. They said we should go back to the crossroads and take the left. We thought this meant going down a lane, when I think they actually meant just go back the way we had come, which would lead us back to the beaches we had already seen, because we ended up on a very dodgy road... which was still being built!


The only choice when met head on by a steam roller is to turn round! So we decided to keep going passed the group of lads again and see what came up next. As we stopped to take in a view of the sun shimmering on a rice paddy field Dan managed to flag down a couple of runners who said the next beach was only 3kms away, so we pressed on.


I think what we asked was lost in translation as again a beach didn't appear and we were going further and further inland. When we stopped to decide if we would turn back it was clear that not many tourists stopped here as we seemed to draw quite a bit of attention. One man even went inside to get his little daughter, picking her up so she could get a better look at us. It was all friendly though and after a lot of smiles and and few cheeky kids chancing it by asking for cigarettes and money (I'm not sure they understood us saying they shouldn't smoke) we were back on the road again.

As the sun was lowering in the sky we decided best to make our way back to Kuta. With two of us on the bike, we were guzzling petrol so pulled over to get a bottle full on the way. The lady who sold us the petrol found us quite amusing, Ro in particular, laughing and giving her arm and leg a squeeze. I think she found the blonde hair and fair skin a novelty. Us showing up brightened her day at least :)

Despite not finding a beach we had a great day out on the bikes


And got back in time for some birthday cake! One of the boys was turning 6 years old and Ben had organised a chocolate and banana cake to celebrate from a cafe up the hill called Ashtari. Now as I don't eat bananas and Ro doesn't eat chocolate we had to miss out on this occasion but the boys (all of them!) got stuck in, and Dan tried to tempt Ro to eat some cake.


We'd decided to have a chilled night in with some movies. We had swapped rooms and now were in one with a TV! Result. Earlier that morning we had found a large spider in the bathroom and decided to leave it shut in there hoping it would go out through the vent. Gingerly opening the bathroom door to check I was ambushed by the spider who ran round the doorframe at head height into the bedroom. I ve never moved so fast! It clearly was waiting to make its escape. Now we ve had some big spiders in our room before and have kind of got used to them if they re not moving. Ro wasn't used to them though and this one wasn't staying still either, running all over the place until he finally settled on top of the AC unit, that was above the mattress Ro would be sleeping on! What followed was one of the funniest scenes of the trip as after hearing of our plight the guys actually brought a ladder into the room to reach the AC unit and I stood on the bed with a torch to try and show them where it was. After a few bashes of a broom and a few squeals from us the guys successfully managed to get it out of the room! Job Jobbed!


After all that excitement we needed a Bintang to calm the nerves!


After hearing about Ashtari, its good food (especially the cakes) and the amazing view we knew we had to check it out for ourselves.


You could easily spend hours hanging out here, and the white chocolate and coconut cake is Amazing and even that word doesn't give it enough justice!

When we got back to the homestay we saw one of the cutest things which was the boys reaction to being brought home a McDonalds from Mataram! As they ran down the path excitedly shouting 'YES!! YES!! YES!! YES!! YES!!' we couldn't help but smile! Now that really is a Happy Meal!

It was Ros last day with us and whilst Dan had an afternoon nap Ro and I headed out to take in the beach one more time, as well as sampling a few cocktails too. We met up with Dan for dinner and continued the cocktails by a bonfire on the beach. Needless to say we ve become lightweights and the cocktails soon took affect. Think we must have been quite a sight as we staggered home particularly as my flip flop had broken so I was only wearing one shoe.

It was sad to see Ro leave the next morning. It had been so wonderful having her with us and we'd had so much fun :)

For the next two days Dan and I chilled out and made plans for our trip to Flores. Three girls from Canada had arrived at the homestay and the group had some great dinners at Bule and Jalan No2 with some very entertaining if not unusal stories being shared. Some maybe sharing too much :) lets just say one of the things we found out was that a husband should not annoy his wife as you never know what might end up in his soup! Which set the tone for the rest of the eve...

It was definitely hard to leave as we felt so settled here but Flores and our next diving adventure was calling us.

A huge thank you to Susie, Tom and the rest of Kuta Bay Homestay for making us feel at home.

Clay and Ben, great to meet you both! we look forward to seeing you guys down under :)

Finally Ro you are a legend for making the trip to see us, we miss you and love you loads!



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