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100th entry!!

Reunions, scorpions, chocolate and general amazingness (Kuta, Lombok)


Wow this is our 100th blog entry of our trip!!

It goes without saying we didn't get much sleep because we were so excited about having a friend from home joining us. Unfortunately it was also because the room was so hot! The fan wasn't going to be enough this time and definitely wouldnt cut it with three of us in the room, so we decided to upgrade to an aircon room which so was much better all round. This was one of Kuta Indah's newer rooms with not a broken window in sight! We found out that 'Indah' means beautiful and it wouldn't be long before we saw just how beautiful Kuta is.

With the day to kill before Ro arrived that eve we decided to just make the most of the pool so the three of us could explore the rest of the area together later.


When it was finally time for us to head to the airport we still didn't quite believe she was coming and I think I had to pinch myself several times just to make sure I wasn't dreaming. It took about an hour to get to the airport which is just out of Praya and despite this being the new intertnational airport in Lombok, it felt a bit more like a bus station with all the sellers everywhere.


We were a bit early but were kept entertained by some kids who were amazed at how tall a group of guys were that had arrived at the airport. It was a mixed group of Aussies, Americans and think a few Brits all around 6ft so they towered over the local men. They must have seemed like giants to the kids who kept trying to see who was brave enough to stand near them before giggling and running away. After being in SE Asia for so long even we stared a bit!


We waited for what seemed like an age after Ro's flight landed from Singapore but saw no sign of her. Then we realised there was another exit and maybe she would come out of that one. I joined the throng of drivers leaning over the rails to get a better look. They were all shouting and waving signs for their hotels and guests. I felt like I should have had my own board with her name on!

And finally there she was!!


The biggest reunion of 2013 so far...


We practically danced out of the airport and were soon back at the hotel catching up on all that had been happening back at home over some bintangs and also Smirnoff vodka!! So good to have a decent vodka and coke and so good to see a friendly face!



As we packed our bags the next morning to move to the home stay, Ro and I suddenly heard Dan cry out "Shit! I ve been stung by a scorpion!!"

The little buggar had been in Dans bag and clearly wasn't too pleased about having clothes rammed in there with him. Not knowing how poisonous scorpions are I quickly grabbed a glass and a laminated menu from our room and set about catching it incase we needed to take it to be identified for anti venom or something! I think I had read somewhere that its the ones with small pincers that are most harmful but I didn't want Dan to worry to so kept those thoughts to myself till we had got some local advice.


We went to show it to the staff at the hotel and they gave Dan some alcohol to put on it and said he only needed to go to the hospital if he had an allergic reaction. I googled the symptoms so we would know what to look out for and decided best to sit and chill out a bit before moving to the homestay.


Fortunately Dan didn't have a bad reaction to its sting although his finger did swell up a bit. It was quite a shock and definitely one way to wake yourself up in the morning!

Susie the owner of Kuta Bay Homestay came to pick us up on some bikes and soon we were getting settled into what would become our home from home for the next week.


Ro produced 2 bags full of treats from home, which definitely helped us to get over the dramas of the morning! It was like being kids at Christmas again!


Now you can find dairy milk over here but its just not the same as it is made in Malaysia and think they use a different recipe so it tastes different. Then most will have melted and re melted so many times they start to crumble. So you can start to imagine just how good it was to have chocolate from home!! YUM!!! And Jaffa cakes, chocolate fingers....the works! Thanks Ro! :)

It was time to explore!! We decided to walk along the coast and see how many bays we could check out. This area is 10kms pristine beaches, one bay after the other.


We were staying at the west end of Kuta beach and so it took us a good 40 mins to walk the length of the first bay, as Dan and I had walked this part the day before we decided to see what the others had to offer.


As we came around the headland we arrived at the next beach and were literally the only people on it!


Only problem was that walking in the sand in the heat is thirsty work and there was no hut or stall to buy one from or to take shelter from the sun. The sand here is a bit like couscous and as you walk you sink a bit which makes it harder, felt like was back trekking the Sahara at one point!


We decided to keep on going to the next bay where Novotel, the only resort so far on this coastline is, and thought there would be other places nearby it on the beach too. Literally it is just the Novotel and then gorgeous beach so decided to throw the budget out the window and stop for some cocktails!



After cooling off we continued to the end of the bay and came to a stop at one of the dodgyest bridges we have seen on our trip so far.


Against my better judgement I followed Ro and Dan over the bridge not without a few squeals at any creak it made as I was almost certain it was going to collapse with me on it! Fortunately it didn't!


On the other side we had to go off road a bit to find a path to lead us over to the hill to the next bay. By this point we had a dog companion who seemed to have taken it on himself to lead the way or he may just have liked the music Dan was playing on his guitar.



Again we had the next beach to ourselves apart from a handful of local sellers, surfers, fishermen and kids playing. Looking back over the map I think this must have been Segar beach.


We took in our surroundings with a few Bintangs, it is so peaceful here that definitely an awesome place to relax. As the sun began to go down we decided to head back as we still had that bridge to contend with...


Needless to say I bottled it this time and preferred to wade through the water instead!


We headed back to Shore bar to have dinner on the beach. When it got completely dark we could see loads of lights far out on the water. Initially we thought they were fishing boats but if you looked hard enough (and had a zoom) you could see it was people out in the low tide. Turns out that they were all hunting for octopus!


Not a bad first day of adventuring!


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