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Next stop Lombok


We settled with the idea of leaving Gili Air mainly because we only had a few days before Rosie would be flying into Lombok. It was also a possibility that on route to Kuta in the south we could meet up with Sarah's old work colleague in Sengiggi. So we checked out the area in the usual places and found out that Sengiggi seemed to be more for resort based holidays. This made us apprehensive that we wouldn't find somewhere within our budget, but luckily on Agoda we found a deal and snapped it up. The place was called Kebun Villa Resort, the reviews were good, the price was not too beyond budget so we thought why not treat ourselves. Its those times that usually throwing caution to the wind pays off and boy did it! More on that in a bit..

To get to Sengiggi we had to buy a boat/bus ticket from one of the randomly posted shops around the island and hoped that it wasnt going to be cheaper down at the harbour. I think there wasn't much difference in the price having made our way to the harbour in the morning, the prices we heard flying around for late comers was similar but I think we were lucky in the end because we got our shuttle bus with a better company.


Waiting in the harbour we saw the boats coming and going and they were similar to the ones that ferry people between the Gili islands.


The round up call was made and we all made our entry onto the boat. Our boat wasn't packed as the one that we got from Trawangen to Air so we moved about when the boat set off. This proved to be the worst thing I could have done as I had my IPod on my lap and it fell off into the middle of the boat and got covered in water. This IPod has been on its last legs for a while so I was surprisingly calm about the whole situation which I am the first to admit is quite out of character as similar situations have brought the rage out of me.


Leaving the island we got to see it in its perfect form with the sun beaming and the mountains of Lombok in the distance.


We could see larger boats along the Lombok shore and wandered what our liveaboard boat would be like in Komodo.


Once we hit the mainland the details we were given were that you get a bus to Senggigi from the harbour which was included in the price. What they failed to divulge was that you needed to walk a good 10 mins to where the shuttle bus station was. This is where the mis-information lends itself to chaos and also cheeky scammers looking for a payout, and typically it occurs in many places in Asia but I wouldn't be surprised if it happens to all backpackers/tourists in places around the world where people do not earn much.

The reason I say this is that these guys will say anything to get you to jump in their 'transport' (horse cart) even if like in this case you can walk to it with no real strain assuming you can carry all your bags quite easily. The guys left a bunch of us alone pretty soon when they realised none of us were having it. One did try to tell us "the bus is leaving, you will miss the bus if you don't get on", even following us for a bit in his horse cart, but we didn't fall for it.


We took the short walk which seemed to be on the main road out of the harbour and by the entrance gate there was a car park and opposite a courtyard. A helpful guy looked at our tickets and ushered us to the courtyard to wait for our shuttle bus, which wasn't due to leave for another 20 mins, so much for missing it without the lift down the road. The guys were all friendly enough and it wasn't long before we left with a full mini bus trying to make it up and down the large hills that hug the shore line where we caught glimpses of great views. At some points we didn't think the rickety old bus would make it and that we might have to push it!

Gladly, it did and we made it to Kebun Villa Resort and felt a little like the other people in the bus who were hot and sticky and making their way to their next ferry would get a bit jealous of our hotel as we drove up a private road to the entrance. We were a bit unsure if we would be let in ourselves! Our bus left and we checked in and we were so pleased with our choice!! After living on a sort of budget it was so nice to upgrade and have these luxuries!


A big bed! With A/C in the room


DVDs for free hire!


A view out across the canopies of the jungle


Probably the longest pool we have had the pleasure of using, and we had it to ourselves! Sarah was pleased to get some lengths in.


And a random Guinea Foul who was a free roamer around the hotel (although it did peck Sarah in the leg trying to get her to share her breakfast!)


All this for just £15 each a night!!

After just enjoying the hotel we headed out to see what Sengiggi had to offer. The town itself didnt seem to have much to offer, despite having some restaurants which looked quite nice. We decided to head to the beach and see what it was like and again it wasn't that impressive and we thought perhaps the resorts had taken the good spots (or maybe we have been spoilt by some of the other beaches we have been on).


There was a bar on the beach which would take in the sunset which we decided to have a drink at later but before we took a short walk around coast line and watched the surfers and local folk chilling out.


Sarah was in a happy mood as we looked out upon the sea.


We went for the drink and watched the sun go down over Mount Agung on Bali.



The sunset was beautiful however the local sellers took advantage of the audience staring out to sea and decided to put themselves in the middle, holding up the sarongs they were selling right in front of the view!


Our last day we used the hotel facilities, bought a few clothes and had a proper chill out not that we really needed it after having spent over a week beaching it up on the Gilli's. Sod it ....we are on holiday! Unfortunately we didn't get to meet up with Sarah's work mate but we might be able to rectify that in Australia.

Two days was not a bad shout as we were happy to move on and get to Kuta on the south coast to prepare for Rosie's arrival. Whoop Whoop!

Stay tuned for more tales


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